Sunday, 22 May 2011

Lemon Drops and Lollipops

Ah, finally the sun has come out again in Montreal.  This means many wonderful things... afternoons in the park, lovely little antique sales on the sidewalks, warm evenings drinking wine on patios... but most of all it  means that all of the summery pieces getting so lonely in my closet are going to be getting some love. I'm equally as grateful as they are, if not more so.  This is a really fun little vintage romper I thrifted a few weeks ago and had shortened. The shorts are still very billowy so it looks a bit like a dress, but I can do cartwheels without malfunctions if I want to! How marvelous. I also just picked up these open leather oxford inspired shoes from Aldo, and though don't usually buy my shoes there I love these ones, and will likely wear them most days this summer.  I also took a few photos of one of those sidewalk sales that pop up so frequently around these parts.  I desperately wanted to buy some mismatched wooden chairs for my kitchen table.  Oh well...I've got a lot, but I can't have it all. Today I am biking to Jean Talon Market, which is an outdoor market selling mountains of wonderful meats, cheeses and produce. I'll take lots of photos and have them up here very soon.  I hope you all have a lovely Sunday!

Looking at this little red chest and night table have got me yearning all over again!

Happy (Sun)day!

xx Gabri(elle)


  1. Your shoes are very cute. Really goes well with your outfit.

  2. i'm loving the pictures and the outfit.

  3. Lovely romper and great location to shoot it in. Love the contrasting flowers. Xxxx