Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Are you a Yeasayer, or a Naysayer?

Yeasayer in Montreal tonight!  Very sadly stuck at home with a soar throat, but I take consolation in the fact that they usually play here at least once a year... fingers crossed for next year. These photos were taken a few weeks ago. They show some of Montreal's early spring magic, some contemporary museum public art (who doesn't love musical swings?), and some of my beautiful long lost friend who has fled the city for an indefinite period.  I miss you, and I'll be coming to you if you don't come to me. Although I'm a naysayer tonight, I am truly a Yeasayer. It's time to roam the world indefinitely.  If not now, when?  If you don't listen to Yeasayer check out their newest album Odd Blood (2010). Reaalll good.

                      Almost le weekend!
                       xx Gabrielle

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