Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Home Grown Corn

Hello everyone! I've been very busy the last couple of days and haven't had time to get a fun outfit shoot together, but I have managed to have some lovely food, enjoy the sunny weather and spend time with friends.  I had a wonderful vintage shopping day today, I came home with two bags I could barely carry. A mountain of pastels, flowiness,  and summery wonders. Many of these things will be in store in the next week or so, and I'll be enjoying them and taking photos in the time being.  For now I'm just going to post a few photos of some of the things I enjoy most about Montreal this time of year: flowers, patios, and good food. Cafe Santropol has one of the nicest patios in the city; it's a fairy-lit jungle garden in a casual, funky setting, with a bright yellow to go window. It makes me smile each time I pass it by.  Also, if you're ever in Montreal and looking for the best selection of speciality meats, cheeses, chocolates and teas you can imagine check out Le Vieille Europe on St. Laurent.  It will have your mouth watering for days! On this sunny day my friend and I decided to make our own food and take advantage of our own back yard.  It was penny-saving and delicious :) 

                                Happy Tuesday!
                                           xx Gabri(elle)

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  1. Really lovely photos. Montreal in the spring looks beautiful. Food looked yummy too. Xxxx