Monday, 8 August 2011

Pastel Colors

Something about the English countryside made me dream of pastel colors. Lavenders, pale pinks, yellows, creams, and golds dot even the wild landscapes... and in the planned gardens it's absolute mayhem. Organized mayhem, though I enjoyed the wilder gardens most. Mixed amongst the pale yellow and pink roses were some of the most vibrant colors I've seen in nature, positively glowing against a typically dark English sky. I wore a yellow blazer and striped baggy shirt, with a black skirt and Oxford lace-ups. The coat, given very kindly to me to my boyfriend's Mum (I didn't pack anything nearly warm enough!), served me well for most of the trip. I love the way the color complimented my surroundings, and the shoes were perfect for the sunny, rainy, sunny, rainy again weather and due covered grass.  Adding to the charm were the wealth of English herbologists I was getting to take some of these photos of me. I'm not sure which one of us was more amused.

Speaking of pastels, wait until you see the row houses in Chelsea. Coming soon!

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