Monday, 16 May 2011

Books, Books, Books, and Clothes.

Monday morning and it's still raining.  This is a magnificent time of year and I have a closet full of spring goodies waiting to come out and play in the sun, and so the continuing rain is incredibly depressing.  I sometimes find it tough to get motivated to wear something lovely when I know that I'm going to be running home struggling to keep my oversized umbrella in check.  I am not saying we should give in to the rain... only that once in a while on these rainy days rather than force ourselves to leave our cozy little homes we ought to explore the indoors do whatever might tickle our fancies. For me this means books, painting, and sketching my favorite fashion shots. Here are a few sketches I did of what I might wear today if it weren't raining and cold!  They were drawn from images on The Sartorialist.  

Now, just for fun, here are two wonderful bookshops that show the two sides of my fashion personality. Literature students like to define things in terms of books (at least I do).  The first, an expensive coffee table bookshop in Old Montreal, is bold, attention grabbing, and fabulous, while the second, a small french bookshop called Le Port de la Tete on Mt. Royal, is modest, simple, elegant and nerdy.  I embrace both of these styles depending on my mood.


Which do you prefer and why?

One more thing: I am going to be posting some more lovely vintage gems on eBay in the next day or two.  Blouses, shorts, flowers, checkers, stripes... I am very excited and will have links to all of the items here so please check back!  

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